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True art is our passion. Not art to entertain or escape, but art that asks provocative questions in pursuit of truth. That doesn’t rehash known truths, but uncovers and sheds light on hidden, radical ones, hard won through extreme circumstances and cataclysm. We are drawn to “the edge” because wild things flourish there: unexpected reckonings, profound shifts in perspective, opportunities for wisdom. Ideas that have not been expressed before that unfold views of reality which are surprising and fresh, and true at the same time. We are pioneering a new and revolutionary artform that gives expression to these ideas. This is our highest mission.

Rich Shapero


Rich Shapero is the visionary and maverick founder of TooFar Media. He long imagined a revolutionary form of storytelling that would combine book, music and art, and in 2002 launched TooFar Media (TFM) to realize his vision. Since then, Rich has written ten novels–Dreams of Delphine, The Slide That Buried Rightful, Dissolve, Island Fruit Remedy, Balcony of Fog, Rin, Tongue and Dorner, Arms from the Sea, The Hope We Seek, Too Far, and Wild Animus–and, in collaboration with scores of talented and acclaimed musicians, artists and animators across the globe, has brought his groundbreaking multimedia storytelling experiences to life.

Prior to founding TFM, Rich forged a successful career in tech. A Silicon Valley alumnus who has worked with SV legends including John Doerr, Eric Schmidt and Safra Catz, Rich ran several companies in the early days of the internet and telecom boom, among them Rich was President of TOPS, before signing on as a partner at Crosspoint Venture Partners. While a VC, he sat on the boards of over thirty companies, helping drive strategy and direction.

In 2001, Rich decided to walk away from Crosspoint’s 1B fund to commit himself full time to his true passion and calling: writing stories, and pushing the boundaries of how stories are told.

Rich’s novels are unique in both form and content: He dares readers with giant metaphors, magnificent obsessions and potent ideas. His casts of idealistic lovers, laboring miners, and rebellious artists all rate ideas as paramount, more important than life itself. They traverse wild landscapes and visionary realms, imagining gods who in turn imagine them. Like the seekers themselves, readers grapple with revealing truths about human potential.

His multimedia storytelling experiences are available for download on the TooFar Media app for iOS and Android. 2023 will see two new TooFar Media releases by Rich starting with Beneath Caaqi’s Wings slated to be released in May.

Rich holds a degree in English Literature from the University of California at Berkeley and resides in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He spends nearly all of his time writing.


Rajiv Parikh


Rajiv Parikh is President of TooFar Media. As President, Rajiv works closely with Rich to set and drive the strategic vision of the company. As a seasoned digital marketing professional, Rajiv has over 20 years of experience driving business growth and leading the initiatives for brand awareness, product marketing, sales enablement, demand gen, user acquisition, events, customer success and social media. Rajiv was most recently Chief Marketing Officer for Vivi.io and has worked with other notable companies throughout his professional career including Nearpod, Warner Brothers, Pixar, Netscape, and Excite. Rajiv is an accomplished Tabla player and toured professionally with nationally-acclaimed jam band New Monsoon. Rajiv graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Business.



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TooFar Media Wins the 2023 Best Mobile App Award from Digital Book World

TooFar Media, the leading multimedia digital storytelling production company, today announced it has been awarded the 2023 Best Mobile App award by Digital Book World. The Digital Book World conference returned to New York City after a six-year hiatus, bringing together key leaders and innovators in the publishing industry at a time of deep digital transformation and technological change.

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