Hibiscus Mask

Published 2024

Brave the Malaysian jungle with a couple struggling against monsters without and within.


    • 188-page novel by Rich Shapero
    • Artwork by Max Thill, with Malaysian Kompang music
    • Videos of psychologists analyzing the story’s protagonist

Beneath Caaqi’s Wings

Published 2023

Join a girl on the cusp of womanhood in a primeval jungle, and brave a descent into our dark origins.


    • 190-page novel by Rich Shapero
    • Paintings by Dean Buchanan
    • Animations by Tomas Cottle with Southeast Asian gamelan music

Dreams of Delphine

Published 2022

Travel into dream with a man haunted by his lost twin sister, and share the insights and power of the subconscious mind.


    • 164-page novel by Rich Shapero
    • Video testimonials from lone twins and psychologists
    • Bonus audio track by Rich Shapero with Orenda Fink, Maria Taylor and Sally Dworsky

The Slide That Buried Rightful

Published 2022

Join a self-exiled carpenter and the teenage daughter he aims to protect as they struggle to rise above the cynicism of a cold-blooded world. The Slide That Buried Rightful will confound your most deeply-held assumptions about right and wrong.


    • 281-page novel by Rich Shapero
    • Artwork by Paul Rumsey
    • Animations by Tomas Cottle 
    • Album by Rich Shapero and Hollie Fullbrook, with Marc Ribot, Joe Gore and Rob Powell


Published 2021

Indulge the obsession of a dying man whose stubborn quest for an ecstatic send-off tests the liberating potentials of belief.


    • 183-page novel by Rich Sharpero
    • Photos by Cameron Nelson
    • Animations by Andres Fouché, Tomas Cottle, Tavet Gillson and Janelle Miau
    • Music by Lhasa de Sela and Rich Shapero, with Nils Petter Molvær and Maria Taylor
    • Bonus short story

Island Fruit Remedy

Published 2020

Escape with a spurned romance writer and fantasist into an outrageous tropical burlesque, where a cast of metaphorical fruits dares you to surrender to an allegory with deeper resonances. The reward is an unexpectedly sober discovery about the creative act of finding and keeping love.


    • 292-page novel by Rich Shapero
    • Paintings by Ramón Alejandro
    • Animations by Tomas Cottle, Tavet Gillson and Janelle Miau 
    • Music by El Búho
    • “Cast of Players” guidebook

Balcony of Fog

Published 2020

Decamp with an innocent toiler and his mysterious female companion to a metaphoric world in the clouds—a strange, vertiginous perch that reveals startling insights about the twisted dynamics of love and power.


    • 232-page novel by Rich Shapero
    • By-chapter video interviews
    • Bonus audio track by Mt. Zion Baptist Quartet

Rin, Tongue and Dorner

Published 2018

Take a delirious hyper-metaphorical ride with a love triangle into a fiery cosmos. Shapero’s outer space uncannily mirrors inner space, daring us to ditch our expectations and probe the depths of human desire.


    • 348-page novel by Rich Shapero
    • Paintings by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
    • Album by Rich Shapero and Elsiane
    • Bonus video of Elsiane performing live

Arms from the Sea

Published 2016

Escape with a disaffected young sculptor from a desert dystopia to “heaven,” a blue ocean realm ruled by a perverse, tentacled god with a mysterious purpose. Your trust may be outraged, but dive deeper and you’ll uncover clues to the creative sea change in our ideals that could redeem a desolate world.


    • 193-page novel by Rich Shapero
    • Paintings by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
    • Music by Rich Shapero and Orenda Fink, with Marc Ribot and Rob Powell

The Hope We Seek

Published 2014

Sail north with a sharpshooting telepath and his female companion to a gold-mining camp, whose unhinged boss rules over a bizarre cult. At its center lurks an elusive goddess, who lures us into an intoxicating metaphoric netherworld where aspiration will unlock an unearthly reward.


    • 432-page novel by Rich Shapero
    • Artwork by Donald Pass
    • Animations by Tomas Cottle 
    • Album by Rich Shapero and Marissa Nadler, with Son of Dave, Marc Ribot and Rob Powell

Too Far

Published 2010

Blaze a trail with two wayward kids as they explore a private forest whose supernatural potentials illuminate the triumphs and follies of desperate imagination.


    • 244-page novel by Rich Shapero
    • Paintings by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
    • Album by Rich Shapero and Maria Taylor, with Rob Powell and Andy LeMaster 
    • Map of story locations by Laurie Lipton

Wild Animus

Published 2004

Quest with a young idealist for a bliss beyond fear in an unforgiving visionary wilderness, whose ruling deity portends sublime love or self-destruction.


    • 332-page novel by Rich Shapero
    • Paintings by François Burland
    • Album by Rich Shapero, with Jim Keltner, Marc Ribot, Jim Campilongo, Iva Bittová, James “Hutch” Hutchinson, Dirk Powell, Michael Hurley and others

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Rich Shapero’s novels dare readers with giant metaphors, magnificent obsessions and potent ideas. His casts of idealistic lovers, laboring miners, and rebellious artists all rate ideas as paramount, more important than life itself. They traverse wild landscapes and visionary realms, imagining gods who in turn imagine them. Like the seekers themselves, readers grapple with revealing truths about human potential.

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